Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Grass Fix-up, Memorial Daze and Secret Codes

Our Park is lovely once again. A few days after talking with the city and posting on my blog, a parks employee, his truck and really huge riding mower showed up to attend to the problem. All better now.

My wife and I had a particularly peaceful Memorial Day weekend, mostly doing laundry, gardening, and watching DVDs. We also saw "The Da Vinci Code". Although the reviews of it have been iffy, especially with reports of laughter during the viewing in Cannes, we enjoyed ourselves very much. Generally speaking, the movie was remarkably true to the book. Of course there were some bits missing, but the main story line remained intact. If you have already read the book (and assuming you enjoyed it), you will probably be ecstatic over the movie. On the other hand, without reading the book first, some of the aspects of the movie will likely be confusing.


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