Monday, November 06, 2006

District 4 Decision this Tuesday

This Tuesday, we get to vote on who will preside in the district 4 county supervisor's seat. Personally, I'm backing Tracie Cone. Reason being she strikes me as being a sincere advocate for controlled growth here in San Benito County and Hollister in particular. As I stated in my last entry, I have no love for Measure S on the ballot, and one of my concerns is that approximately 70% of the funding for Reb Monaco's campaign chest came from the land owner of the property slated for Measure S and from one of the city's general contractors. Additionaly, Reb Monaco's campaign chest was just about 3 times larger than Tracie's. If he succeeds in this election, it's very likely due to his ability to spend money. In my opinion, it's pretty hard not to notice who's buying what around here.

I admit, my accusations may not be entirely fair, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it has a pretty fair chance of being a duck. Speaking of flying critters, I couldn't help noticing a plane pulling a vote for Reb Monaco banner over the city last weekend. As I watched I wondered how much of Reb's warchest was trailing behind that tail-dragger.


As you may have noticed, Measure R is set to temporarily increase sales tax by 1% for parks, safety, police, that kind of thing. Personally, I'm for it. If my experience calling the parks department is relavant, then I believe this city is in desparate need of some money to keep our parks going. Also there is concern that we are about to inherit a gang problem. Personally, any money that can be raised to prevent the growth of gang activity in the city is fine by me (except proposition S, of course).


A friend of ours found out that Measure S is much more than just the creation of Sun City Hollister. Apparently Sun City Hollister is just one of the projects planned for that land area. Measure S is just a method of getting a foot in the door so the land can be carved up and sold off to developers in general. Beware the fine print on this one and still vote NO on S.

Personally, it seems to me that this election is about Hollister and her future. It seems we have the choice of becoming a southern Napa Valley (a la Tracie Cone's ideas on county development) or becoming the next Salinas (a la Measure S). Personally, I hope people are leaning towards the Napa Valley choice.


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